OnlyRoses is the first global Luxury Brand specialising in The World's Finest Roses, founded in London in 2007 by husband and wife team Sabine and Anian Schmitt.

Ethically sourced from Ecuadorian farms synonymous for their unparalleled quality, OnlyRoses have created the exclusive InfiniteRose collection bringing a long lasting, elegant and contemporary design to a timeless product. The luxury store environments provide the perfect setting for these perfect gifts.

OnlyRoses have stores in London and the Middle East with a vision for a global brand expansion strategy.

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OnlyRoses remains committed to our people and the environment. Read more about how how we ethically source our roses.


OnlyRoses™ is the most exclusive rose specialist retailer in the UK and throughout the Middle-East. Founded in 2007, we offer the World’s Finest Roses, directly from Ecuador, where they are grown under strict social, labour and environmental standards.

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